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Email address:

Company name: New View Lancashire


Please see below the full terms and conditions when booking one of our drone services.


When you are ready to enquire about our drone services for your next project, please use our email address (found on the contact page) or the contact form (also found on the contact page).


For us to give an accurate quote, please include as many details as possible, such as the proposed date of the flight, the location, and the type of work you require (photography/video/inspection etc). We will look at the flight area on an online mapping/street view service, and we'll check the airspace, and if necessary, we will visit the site in person to full evaluate the flight area. We will then get back to you (via email) with a quote for the job. We may need to ask some follow up questions about the job.

If you are ready to book the drone service, please contact us with the job reference code and the date you would like. We will check our database, and if we're available we will confirm the booking. If the job is within 7 days of making the booking, no deposit is required. For jobs booked more than 7 days in advance, a deposit will be required. This will be 10% of the total cost, and this will come off the final price to be paid.

The rest of the money can be paid in advance with a custom web link, or you can pay on the day of the flight.


We can fly our drone in certain weather conditions only. We can't fly when it's raining, or if there's heavy fog. We will not fly if the wind speed is more than 15mph. We will monitor the weather online, and we will check the wind speed on site using a portable wind meter.

If the weather conditions are good, we will fly as planned. If the weather conditions are unsuitable for the drone flight, we will postpone the flight. Your deposit will be carried over and we will reschedule the flight for another date.

The photographs or video footage from the flight will be processed back at our office, and we will send the finished files out to you on a usb drive. You can keep the usb drive. This will be sent via the postal service, to the address you have given.


Please see below our postage policy.


We have a range of aerial photo prints for sale in our print shop. These items can be purchased through our online store, and they will be sent to you via the postal service.


Most of our photo prints will be sent out in a flat (do not bend) cardboard envelope. Larger prints may be rolled up and sent in a cardboard tube, and framed prints may be sent in cardboard boxes with the frame encased in bubble wrap.

Please note. We do not accept returns on unwanted items. If your item has been damaged in transit, please send it back to us and we will send out a replacement, along with the return postage money. Our postal address will be given out to you in this instance. Items damaged in transit can not be exchanged for the monetary value of the item.

When unboxing a framed photo print, please ensure the glass frame hasn't been damaged, as there may be loose pieces of glass in the packaging.

New View

New View Lancashire is and aerial photography and videography company, based in Blackpool, and we cover the whole of the North West of England. Our pilots are CAA approved to fly drones commercially, have full public liability insurance, and use the latest drone technology.

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