Drones are now more useful than they have ever been... Using drones can reduce time, cost and make jobs much safer. We have a wide range of drone services available for you. Find out more below or contact us for more information. To ensure the safe operation of our drones, we have full insurance cover. Our drone pilots also have a valid PFCO, and are CAA approved to fly drones commercially. If you have any other questions regarding our safety procedures, please contact us.

CAA Approved

We are CAA approved and insured to fly drones commercially


We have the ability to take high quality 20 mega pixel photos and 4K videos


Residential Property...


Aerial photographs and videos can show residential property from a whole new angle, which will differentiate your property from the others. These unique photos are perfect for showcasing the property, but especially the land surrounding it. Aerial photos can also show the properties location to other nearby buildings and roads...

Prices Starting At Only £49.99

Commercial Property...


Aerial photographs are the prefect way to showcase commercial property, whether it's for the purpose of marketing, or developing an existing site. Our drone equipment is capable of flying up to 400 feet high, which can show large buildings and complexes in a single photo, and is especially useful for shopping villages, holiday parks and industrial sites.

Prices Starting At Only £49.99

Development Land...


Using a drone to take aerial photos and videos of proposed development land is a must have. From these photographs, your architect will be able to place their 3D model of the proposed development onto the photo to give an accurate view into how the end result will look. We can also monitor the progress of a development from the air.

Prices Starting At Only £49.99



It's impossible to photograph an entire festival from the ground... Drones are perfect for taking aerial photos of your event. Whether it's an outdoor festival, and you need the photos for marketing purposes, or it's a small wedding, and you would like some aerial photos as a memory, our team can handle it.

Aerial Inspections...


Drones can now be used to perform aerial inspections on large properties and tall structures. This not only eliminates unsightly scaffolding, it's also much cheaper and safer too. We can take unlimited high definition photos, which can then be used to spot any issues with your property. This is perfect for buildings with no roof access, and tall structures like church spires or mill chimneys.

Indoor Drone Flights...


Under certain circumstances, we can fly our drone indoors... This is perfect for photographing large areas, like manufacturing facilities, warehouses and cinemas.

Prices Starting At Only £49.99
Prices Starting At Only £49.99
Prices Starting At Only £69.99



We have full knowledge of the UK drone regulations, outlined by the CAA, and we always operate to a safe standard. With the right amount of planning, we can operate in pretty much any location. Our pricing is set on a case by case basis, so please contact us to get a quote. We cover the North West of England.

New View

New View Lancashire is and aerial photography and videography company, based in Blackpool, and we cover the whole of the North West of England. Our pilots are CAA approved to fly drones commercially, have full public liability insurance, and use the latest drone technology.

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