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Lancashire & North West of England


Posted below are some of the questions we get asked all the time. If your question isn't here, or you'd like to get a quote for aerial media work, please contact us using the form above or our email address.

Q: How long can you're drone fly for?

A: Our drone equipment can be in the air for up to an hour before needing to charge. We have 3 batteries, each rated at 20-30 mins of flight time.

Q: Can you fly over water?

A: Yes, our drone can be flown over water if required.

Q: Can you fly near an airport?

A: Our drone pilots all have PFCO's, so with some planning, we can usually fly near to airports.

Q: Can you fly at night?

A: We can fly our drone equipment at night, which is perfect for taking photos or video of illuminated buildings or outdoor events.

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New View

New View Lancashire is and aerial photography and videography company, based in Blackpool, and we cover the whole of the North West of England. Our pilots are CAA approved to fly drones commercially, have full public liability insurance, and use the latest drone technology.

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